Integrating late stage healthcare product launch, reimbursement and Health Technology Assessments with early stage innovation development in global markets to generate and facilitate implementable strategies that maximise value for all stakeholders




>600 mn






Global ecosystems

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Combining Health Economics and Technology Assessments with Early Stage Innovation, Fund Raising, International Partnering and Ecosystem Design, Aestimo provides unparalleled expertise in cutting edge technology value maximisation

Maximillian Lebmeier 


Phone: +44 7864 952 154

Maximilian (Max) is a health economist with over a decade experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Global, regional, UK / Ireland). He has worked on a wide range of disease areas from very common to very rare conditions including some of the worlds largest selling pharmaceutical products (Humira, Enbrel, Plavix, Yervoy, Abilify as well as many others). He has accumulated a broad depth of insights on identifying and generating value having worked on over 150 HTAs. Since 2016 he also runs Athena Market Access Solutions Ltd., providing pricing and market access solutions to organisations in the life sciences industry.

Dr. Jonathan Dando 


Phone: + 34 6 73 17 55 01

Jonathan (Jo) is an International Portfolio/Contract Manager with 22 years global experience, working with all stakeholders in early stage intervention design and development. He has managed over €600 million in R&D funding in global innovation healthcare projects, co-founded several hi tech start up’s and innovation consultancy firms. Since 2010 he also runs Echino Ltd, an innovation management company specialised in international partnering, development and ecosystem design. Ecosystem design has been performed for many global partnerships focusing on common and rare diseases as well as complex convergent technologies.