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Medical Communications

With 30 years global experience in life science and Health Care,  we have a profound and current knowledge of all major medical pathologies, rare diseases, diagnostics, digital health, pharmaceutical interventions, biopharmaceutical and advanced therapeutics (gene therapy, cell therapy, bioengineering and regenerative medicine) is leveraged; this has resulted in over 500 different publications in Scientific Communication, Health Communication, Professional Education, Promotional writing, Commercialisation, Grantsmanship, and Research related documents. Examples of this work can be found at link

International Project  management

18 years of experience in implementing international project management, either within a continent or globally between teams on different continents can be leveraged to enable progress. Familiarity with most project management methodologies, and a intercultural empathy and an almost constant availability, we know that there is not a catalogue of approaches from which one must be selected. Rather there is a discourse with the project partners to redesign and tailor the approach as a function of ensuring progress.

International Operations management

In-between project and contract management is operations management: this is fundamentally contract management plus organisational actions, such as training courses, meetings, resource mapping and usage, activity reporting, innovation assessments and opportunity mapping, for example creating a sand box approach where the partnership is also kept informed of additional funding opportunities to spin off new ideas, and informally introduce new resources into a growing focused ecosystem.

Non dilutive fund raising and grant writing

With over €150 Mn raised in non-dilutive capital from public and private sources, and a constant desire to improve while adapting our solutions to the change in funding instrument structure as a function of the funding bodies strategic changes we take great joy in enabling visionaries and innovators to obtain the financial lubricant that permits realisation. This is supported by our own internal market intelligence on global innovation needs and our database of funding sources.

International contract management

Separate from project management, some

projects and programmes only require contractual (fiscal and contract governance) management: examples include Fundamental research programmes, that have lower frequency Key Performance Indicators or milestones, in which the R&D team can auto manage but needs help with financial coordination and reporting.

Other examples include projects that have in-house expertise in project management, but not in international contract management

Convergent technology partnering

For those entities seeing knowledge or commercial opportunity by introducing interdisciplinary approaches into their plans, we specialise in using our contract, operations and project management insights to enable this vision. Convergent technology projects are unique to manage, their capacity to create game changing solutions is monumental. But this requires a significantly different approach to organisational development and culture+discipline integration. KPIs and milestones are only realistic at around 18 months plus start, and to reach that requires a pronounced hands on approach to risk and conflict management.

Internationalisation and expansion 

Exclusively for commercially focused endeavours or academic partnerships looking to globalise, we can provide knowledge resources or actively help you implement the activity.

This can include feasibility studies, international congress partnering support and representation, market valuations, pipeline review and valuations, opportunity assessments, partner reviews and recommendations, regulatory, standards and reimbursement insights and potential funding solutions to enable it to actually work.

For those looking for a complete overview of a disease and its need for innovative solutions we have generated Innovator's Briefings that can be purchased through the following page link

Additional information:

On site presence: on site presence is possible for time engagements of 3 or more working days, following agreement of terms and respect of local labour laws.

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